Pink Warriors Pvt. Ltd is a Business Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs to provide them an Eco-System to manifest their Business and help them grow it into a Legacy Business. One of its kinds vision to make Women empowered by providing them these Crucial benefits:

  • Professional Platform
  • Educational Platform
  • Handholding Execution Support
  • Business Collaborations

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We at Pink Warriors, strive to become a catalyst in a Woman’s Professional life and focus on promoting her life’s Social, Educational, Economical, and Professional aspects.

Our Mission

We at Pink Warriors, strive to create an ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs which will help each of them build their business by working in collaboration with each other.

Core Values

The Core Values of our Company define the uniqueness of Pink Warriors Pvt. Ltd. Our Core Values are:

  • BELIEF: Pink Warriors works on the basic mindset of every Woman Entrepreneur by working on her Belief System.
    • Self Belief: To make a Woman an evolving Entrepreneur, Pink Warriors Pvt. Ltd helps her to develop a Self-Belief in her so that she can achieve her dreams
    • Belief On Your Team: Only when a Woman Believes in herself she can believe in people around her and create a winning team to work with her
  • TEAM WORK: PWPL strongly believes and cultivates the value and power of Team-Work in all their incubated Women Entrepreneurs by creating an amazing Eco-System for supporting them in their entrepreneurial Journey
  • IDENTITY(ASTITWA): We at Pink Warriors help in Discovering and Creating the AstitWa of every Woman. We strongly believe that it is not always about money, but also about finding her true Identity (AstitWa)
  • ETHICS: We at Pink Warriors always are Ethical and Sincere in all our processes and Core functionality
  • COLLABORATION: We at Pink Warriors strongly believe in the power of Collaboration. We Strictly do not Support Competitive Approach

Problem Identified

Major gap in the marketplace for a Woman Entrepreneur which Pink Warriors Pvt Ltd identified are:

  • No presence of Non Equity Business Execution Partners
  • Too many Expensive Platforms, but no guidance on how to showcase her products
  • No knowledge sharing on efficient ways of organic Market Penetration
  • Lack of affordable one-to-one Guidance for Micro Scale or home based businesses owned by Women to become a Legacy Business
  • Lack of Awareness of Efficient ways of Scaling up the Business and be a Bootstrapped Startup
  • No Standardized platform to provide End to End Solution for a Micro Scale or Home Based Business
  • High friction for Women to enter in the business, due to convictional mindset of Society and Family

Solution Provided

Pink Warriors Pvt Ltd provides a perfect solution to bridge the gaps identified by them

  • We are first ever Non Equity Business Execution Partners for Home Based or Micro Scale Business owners
  • We are offering one single platform for all levels of businesses at very affordable price along with the step by step guidance sessions to create a brand for the individual product with our Platform WEMart
  • Special Assistance is provided to every Woman Entrepreneur to understand the industry
  • Carefully crafted affordable Mentorship programs to address all the needs of a Home Based or Micro Scale business owner under our flagship Platform of Business Execution University Known as WEdyalaya
  • Intellectually designed Consistent Knowledge sharing sessions to help Home Based or Micro Scale Business owners under the flagship of WEdyalaya
  • A one-stop solution to meet all needs of every Woman Entrepreneur with uniques combination of WEMart and WEdyalaya
  • Flagship Certification program to change the Convictional mindset steadily on WEdyalaya
  • Equipped with these solutions Pink-Warriors is a platform for Women Entrepreneurs who have or wish to start their own business. Providing assistance and 360° solution to every Woman Entrepreneur to stand on her feet while fulfilling her responsibilities
  • We also love to perform their social responsibilities by providing a permanent solution for the permanent problem of Poverty through our WEshwaas Vertical in a positive way

Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Smita Mahajan

Co-founder, Chief Mentor and Managing Director

I am Smita Mahajan, Co-founder, Chief Mentor and Managing Director of Pink Warriors Pvt Ltd.
Being a mother and a career oriented woman with a successful 14 years of IT experience, I left my job to take care of my then 6 years old daughter but while I was enjoying my motherhood, I missed my financial independence and started feeling a void in my life.
Me with my friends got started with this startup Pink Warriors to help each other to be financially independent. We soon realised that this is the story of every woman across the globe. Now a startup company owner since last 2.9 years.

This is a Non-Equity Business Execution Patner for all Women owned Businesses. Our vision is that every woman must work and be #atmanirbhar.
We help women who want to start something of their own, while being in their comfort zone. We bridge the gap between the conventional Entrepreneur Mentorship program and the much needed support for every women entrepreneurs to fight against conventional mindset wrapped around women starting their own business.

I, on behalf of the whole Pink Warriors Family would love to see you all supporting our vision in any possible small/big form and help us make this a reality for all women.

Lots of Love and Light,
Smita 💖💝